Happy Thanksgiving!

Two new features for Thanksgiving weekend.

  1. If you’re playing in the current game, you can now send fruit and even actual life points to people directly from their profile page. Eventually there will be a lot more things to give and share with each other.
  2. You can now see everyone you sponsored on your profile page, and also see who someone has been sponsored by.

Of course, there’s also the new Game Wall, which shows everyone you’re following.  I’m digging it, myself.  And I’ve put in the foundation for a couple new features that I’m really excited about launching hopefully before the new year.  

Enjoy your turkey!

Health Month and the Happiness Project

Health Month and the Happiness Project

Help an LA Times reporter

A reporter from the LA Times is looking for people who have found Health Month to be helpful in producing some change in your health.  If anyone is willing to talk to him (he’s really nice, and seems to get what the site’s all about), email me at buster@healthmonth.com as soon as possible (his deadline is in a couple days).


PS. I’m back! And going through the big backlog of emails. If you wrote to me you should get a reply back in the next couple days.  Thanks for your patience!


October is over, long live October!

And welcome to all the new players in November.

Eventually, I want to run some numbers and provide some stats and interview the winners of each bracket, and do all kinds of other interesting analysis on what seemed to work best, what didn’t work, etc.  Unfortunately, I’m still working on how to make all of this happen while doing everything else required to keep the game going on a daily basis. I hope to have my act together by next month and to do it right.

One thing I should mention is that if you have a Foursquare account and completed the month with 1 or more life points, you can get a fancy badge.  Just make sure your Foursquare account is attached to your Health Month account (which you can do here), and that you finish all of your daily reports for the month of October.  Then, wait about an hour and you should get your badge.  So far, 1,100+ people have gotten badges in October.  Good work!

In the meantime, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who played and good luck to everyone who’s starting up this month.