In the LA Times!

Check out this cool article about Health Month about how social games are slowly learning about how to become tools for positive motivation.  I had a great time talking with this reporter, and I’m excited to see that the article opens with us and includes a quote from our conversation.  It’s our first major piece of “real world” press!

Internet game-playing as a motivational tool” – LA Times, Dec 26th, 2010

Also, congrats to Health Month user Michael Pusateri for being included in the article!  I know he interviewed a bunch of users, so thanks to everyone who offered their time and energy to the article.

Oh, and here’s another cool article that mentions Health Month, if you are interested in how people in the field are thinking about using gamification of life for good (or evil):

Unlocking the Mayor Badge of Meaninglessness” – Harvard Business Review, Dec 15th, 2010