New feature!  See that yellow box on the “Choose your rules” page?  It will now be available for anyone who’s played more than one month, and will help you easily import previous rules to the next month, improving them at the same time.

Here’s an example of how it will look:

The design’s a little rough at the moment, but the basic functionality is there.  I am open to ideas on how to improve the experience, make it more useful, more fun, smarter, happier, etc.

This is a feature that’s been requested by users literally 3.8 MILLION times.  Literally.  The reason it has taken me so long to build it is because I didn’t want to just build a basic importer… Health Month is all about getting smarter every month.  And that required a little bit of thought about how exactly one could learn from one’s rules. 

Since I know which rules you’re interested in working on, and how well you did in previous months, it’s possible to recommend the smallest possible improvement along the way towards those goals.  One of the things that sets Health Month apart from most goal-making and behavior-change sites, in my opinion, is its ability to help people tread that normally confusing, momentum-losing, world of moderation.  Be moderate!  And know that you’re making progress in moderation.  Change is hard, small steps are absolutely necessary.  Give yourself a bit of a break and celebrate the small steps.

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