I haven’t added any new rules recently, so I thought I’d go through the Uservoice Forums and the list of popular “custom rules” to find those that keep popping up. 

As people start planning their March rules, I’ve added 11 new rules for you to pick from:

  1. Wake up before X o’clock
  2. Walk your dog!
  3. Do yoga
  4. Stretch
  5. Do your household chores
  6. Walk at least X steps a day (this will soon have Fitbit integration!)
  7. Track your dreams
  8. Track your spending
  9. No fruit (the only 4-hour Body “Slow Carb” rule that wasn’t already in the system)
  10. No snacking (a “No S Diet” rule that wasn’t already in the system)
  11. No seconds (another “No S Diet” rule that wasn’t in the system)

Let me know what you think of these new rules, and if you think there are any other new rules you’d like to see.

What are your rules going to be for March?  Start choosing them now!

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