Happy Thanksgiving from Habit Labs!

At Habit Labs, we’re grateful for:

  1. All of you awesome Health Month people!
  2. A chance to keep building things that we think will help solve the problem of sustainable health-improvement for everyone. We promise to have something to show you before the end of the year!
  3. Our team (Jen, Buster, Scott, Amelia, Alex, and Adam), our family, and our friends who help us on a daily basis.
  4. The turkeys, tofurkeys, and turduckens who gave their lives so that we may share our gratitude with each other.

Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays that is directly linked with a tradition that has been proven to increase the happiness of people who practice it on a daily basis.  For a great reminder of the power of being grateful, read this recent NY Times article, A Serving of Gratitude May Save The Day.

Why not add “List Grateful Things” to your December game?