Last Week’s Announcement…we apologize!

Hey all,

So it seems that a number of users received our announcement regarding the ownership change multiple times (some, upwards of 10x)…eeek!  Please accept our apologies.  This certainly was not intended and was not how we wanted to start out here.

However, we’ve got a new roll of duct tape and a hammer and we’ll be working on the mailing code so that this doesn’t happen again.

Derek & Billy

Health Month has new owners

Hello Health Month friends,

I’m both happy and sad to report that I have sold Health Month. I’m happy because I believe that Derek and Billy (with their 20+ years of experience in the web industry) will be much better stewards of the vibrant Health Month community going forward. I WILL continue to be involved in some small way, but I’m sad that through a myriad of circumstances and priorities that my involvement will be lessened somewhat (not entirely).

What does this mean for you active Health Month users? It means that your customer service emails will be replied to more frequently! It means that bugs will get fixed! It means that new features will be added! No matter how you slice it, I strongly believe that it means good things for everyone involved (that was my top motivater for selling it in the first place).

I encourage everyone to say hello to Derek and Billy, they are good guys, and have your best interests in mind.  ALSO, I encourage everyone that hasn’t been back to Health Month in a while to log in, sign up for next month’s game, upload a fresh new profile pic for yourself, update your info, do 10 jumping jacks, and drink a tall glass of cool water.

Start here!

Without further ado, I present to you the new owners of Health Month!

Your friend,
Buster Benson (


Hello Loyal Health Month users,

We’re very excited to announce that we have acquired from HabitLabs. We’ll keep this brief, as we know that you all have some health rules that you need to spend time on, but we do want to highlight a few items that we’ll be working on right away.

1) Minor Site Fixes – we have noticed there are a few quirks and issues with the site and we’re committed to correcting them. Over the next few weeks, our focus will be to take care of the issues we can resolve quickly to give the game a more polished feel. The best way for us to learn about these issues is through our Idea Tracker ( Please submit any bugs or fixes and we’ll get back to you.

2) Idea Tracker – with that said, we want to acknowledge all the feedback that has, thus far, been given through our Idea Tracker. All feedback is welcome (good or bad) and we appreciate your time/efforts in doing so. We will be paying very close attention to this going forward.

3) Newsletter – in the near future, we plan on publishing a regular HealthMonth newsletter (maximum once per month). In it will be game highlights, rule suggestions/tips, recipes and more to keep you on track with your health goals.

4) Mobile – a lot of users have asked us to develop better mobile solutions for accessing the site – whether it be through an app or a more mobile-friendly web page. We are committed to introducing a better mobile environment; however, this kind of development takes time. We just want you to know that we’re working on it, and to ask you to continue to keep the faith.

Other than that, we’re super excited and look forward to great things with and welcome any follow requests and followers to our own profiles.

Thank you,
Derek Thornton (
& Billy Cooter (