New Month Reminder Emails

As you have probably noticed by now, your inbox was the lucky recipient of a freshly minted reminder email yesterday informing you that a new month is coming – and therefore, you should be thinking about a new set of rules.

Due to user feedback via the Idea Tracker, we’ll send this reminder email 7 days prior to the end of a given month.

Thanks for the feedback and continued support.  Much, much more to come!

Dress Well (Better than Usual) now a rule…

It’s true that clothes make the man (or woman) – both on the outside and inside.  People will notice an improvement in your wear and compliment accordingly.  The lasting effect of those comments will increase your mood and self esteem.

Fore these reasons, and more, we’ve added “Dress Well (Better than Usual)” as a new rule.  Give it a try for September, or if you’ve already started the month, try it in October.  You may surprise even yourself!