Ever setup a rule for yourself and wished you could be reminded by more than just your daily nudge email?  Well now you can.

All right, no more infomercial talk.

But seriously, you now have the option of being reminded for each individual rule – on a schedule that you setup.  However, full disclosure on this one, you do have to be a paying member of the site.  This means that even if you setup 3 rules or less, if you want a separate reminder for any/all of those rules, you’ll have to find 5 bucks in the couch cushions and send it to us (jars of pennies not accepted).

If you have already started playing the game for the month, we’re sorry, but you won’t be able to enable this rule until your next game.  We tried to get it done before the end of September, but it just didn’t happen.

As always, feedback is important and helps make Health Month, um, healthier.  So have at it and let us know what you think.

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