Sorry for the short notice (and delayed notice in a couple cases below), but we will be updating the site with a few items on Monday January 14th.  The primary reason for the upgrade is that a security hole has been found in the version of coding HealthMonth uses currently, and therefore, it needs to be patched.  So we’ll take care of that, along with adding the following changes:

– fix display of Team Points.  This issue has persisted far longer than we like, but believe it to finally be fixed.  Let us know if we’re wrong.

– email reminder for incomplete game setups.  Have you ever started to setup a new game and then forgot to move forward with it – we’ll help you remember now.

And unfortunately, I wrote a blog post about a couple changes done on the 1st, but just realized that it didn’t publish.  My apologies.  At any rate, those changes include:

– timestamp for wall comments.  Every comment now has a timestamp for when it was posted – not just the original comment.

– re-order user’s home page. The News / Updates section has been moved above the past games section on user’s home page to allow for easier viewing.

If you notice anything wrong with the above, please let us know.  Thanks again to all for your feedback – it is greatly appreciated.


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