Summer Lovin’…HealthMonth style!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far.  Just a quick note to keep everyone up to date regarding some changes we’ve made and will soon be launching to the live site.  So check out the details below and let us know if we break anything in the process (we have lots of crazy glue if we need it)!


Derek & Billy

Facebook/Twitter Integration – we have enchanced the integration we use with Facebook/Twitter so that you can properly post things simultaneously on HealthMonth and the rest of the world.

Emails for inactive games – we had a number of complaints that people were getting “Time to check in” emails during a month when they didn’t have an active game going.  This should now be fixed.

Comment Posting – users were having troubles posting on comments on a post they had created unless they reloaded the page.  This has now been fixed.

User Subscriptions – a number of issues arose with the introduction of monthly subscriptions.  These have been fixed.

Summer Promo – if you haven’t already seen it, we’re running another promotion for the balance of the year.  Afterall, why would anyone just do 1 month, right?

Follow 150+ users – it wasn’t possible to do…until now.