Love A Tree Today

Love A Tree Today

“From little seeds grow mighty trees.”


Are you a Dendrophile? Then your love of trees can be celebrated today! May 16th is officially the day to recognize and celebrate the importance and beauty of trees.  It is “Love a Tree Day.” So even if you are not a Dendrophile, get out and love a tree.

All trees are a vital part of nature removing carbon dioxide as it creates oxygen.  They help reduce erosion, and moderate the climate. Trees are multifunctional and necessary for life.  They not only provide shelter, shade, fuel and lumber, but are habitats for many species and plants.

Did you know there are approximately three trillion mature trees in the world and date back to over 370 million years old. There are between 60,000 – 100,000 different species of trees and the number of trees worldwide total 25% of all living species.

The worlds oldest tree started its life during the Ice Age about 9,550 years ago and still lives in Sweden.  By celebrating “Love a Tree Day” you could be responsible for starting the life of a tree that could live even longer.


How you can celebrate Love a Tree Day.


  • Plant a tree.

Planting a tree is a fun activity that can involve the entire family.  Visit your local nursery and invest in a sapling that will thrive in your area.  Not sure what kind of tree to get? You can always ask your nursery for some help in choosing the best tree for your area, or you can check out this website,, to get helpful advise as well.


  •  Take a nature walk or hike.

Walking is always a good activity whether it is for leisure or exercise.  It gets the muscles moving and stimulates blood flow in our bodies.  So, taking a walk or hike amongst the trees is a great way to celebrate today.  You know the saying “stop to smell the roses,” well on this day, stop to take in the sight and sounds of the trees. Take a rest under the canopy that they provide and just be at one with nature if even for a short time.


  • Go for a picnic.

Packing a light lunch or snack and enjoying it while sitting under a tree can be both refreshing and relaxing.  This will give you the opportunity to enjoy a meal in nature.  Try taking a friend or family with you for great conversation and memory making.


  • Get to know your trees.

Enrich your knowledge of your environment.  Find out about the trees in your local area.  Ask an arborist or find some research explaining the type of timber that grows in your neck of the woods.  Are they evergreen or deciduous? How old are they? What is the oldest tree in your area?  Getting to know your surroundings can help you have a better understanding and respect for where you live.


Remember to take advise from a tree.

Stand tall and proud. 
Go out on a limb. 
Remember your roots. 
Drink plenty of water. 
Bend before you break. 
Be content with your natural beauty
Enjoy the view.


A Tribute to our Moms!

“Successful Mother’s are not the ones that have never struggled, they are the ones that never give up despite the struggles.”
                                                                                            ~ Sharon Jaynes

A mother’s voice is the first thing that we hear; and it is her worn out yet joyful face that we see when we make our way into this world. They come in all ages, colors, sizes and shapes. They are the source of our existence and for this reason alone, they deserve all the respect and honor that we can shower them with.

No matter what advances we make and how the world evolves, there is one thing that will never change and that is a mother’s unparalleled, unconditional and incomparable love. Mothers have an abundance of hope for us in their hearts. This is irrespective of whether they are an active part of our lives or not; they always have a vision for us. They truly make us whole. They are our protectors, a beacon of light guiding us in every situation.

Regardless of our faults and shortcomings, they will always be our greatest cheerleaders and source of inspiration and motivation. They don’t have an instruction manual guiding them how to raise us, yet they do their best. Being a mother could so easily be regarded as one of the most unappreciated job in the context of our society. In today’s society, mothers are losing the reverence and respect they once received. This coupled with this job’s inherent latent nature, creates an environment where mothers usually don’t get the appreciation that they so richly deserve.

The importance of mothers is unquestionable and that is a no-brainer.  They do everything such as changing our filthy diapers, enduring our tantrums and fits of rage, packing our lunch boxes and dropping us off to schools. According to a number of studies, maternal deprivation can have a detrimental effect on the bonding process between a mother and her child, which in turn has the effect of impairing a child’s psychological, social and emotional development.

Mothers not only guide us by instilling values, responsibilities and purpose in our life, they also cultivate a feeling of well-being and security. The relational attachment that a young one forges with their mother becomes the corner stone of their personality. Mothers guide us by offering counsel, advice, emotional and psychological support. They are always at your side no matter what and make sacrifices no one else will even consider making. The boundaries and limitations they set for us keep us out of trouble and make us better individuals, even though we may not agree with their decisions.

On this Mothers’ Day thank her for things like staying up late at night and waking up early just to keep us in the best possible shape, for praying to God that we get through whatever pain and misery we are experiencing and for assisting us in completing school assignments. Also apologize to her for all the troubles that you put her through or any selfish or snarky comment that you passed. Believe me she will forgive you in a heartbeat.

Spending time with our mother and honoring her is our foremost duty as she is the real and undisputed queen of our hearts.

The Everyday Super Hero

The Everyday Super Hero

 “Teaching is the most powerful weapon which you
can use to change the world.”
~Nelson Mandela


If you can solve a mathematical problem, read a book, write a letter, calculate distance, or even cook a meal, then you know who you should be thanking. One of the most important professions across the world, that of a teacher, is one that commonly comes with little thanks or acknowledgement.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of community you are talking about, they all have teachers.  If you think about it, teachers have the ability to make an extreme impression and contribution to society, even changing the world.  Educating, not just our future but our present, is what allows us to function as a blooming society.  They inspire success and encourage us to venture out of our element, allowing us to prove to ourselves that “yes, we can.”

I have had many inspirational teachers throughout my life that I think of often and thank constantly.  Like many good teachers a few I had cleared the cobwebs from my brain and made the completely incomprehensive suddenly understandable.  This gave me the confidence to push myself farther and excel.  Their excitement for the subject and creativeness to make it interesting, passed to me and in turn made me interested and excited as well.  Really? Excited about Algebra? Me? Yes! My professor in college completely turned around my confidence.  Mathematics was never my strong suit in school but after learning from my college professor, I realized it takes that special person that loves what they teach to inspire you to love it as well.

Sometimes teachers are the only constant in our lives.  Someone we see on a daily basis and that you can count on will always be there.  Not just to teach but to listen, coach, guide, console, encourage, and mentor us for our future goals and aspirations.  A good teacher knows that no dream is too big or small for their students and they take the time to encourage those dreams.

Teachers also understand the importance of life skills and work at introducing those skills within their teachings which is a creative and necessary way to educate our youth on important life lessons that would be very hard to learn any other way.  A teacher usually does not ask for any thanks, they are humble and quiet.  When I tried to thank her, that college professor I spoke of earlier, told me  “no thank you was necessary.” Her thank you was seeing me succeed and enjoy Algebra and mathematics in general.

This, being teacher appreciation week, remember to thank all of our teachers.  Without them we would not be who we were yesterday, who we are now, or who we will become in the future.



“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”
~Ben Franklin