Love A Tree Today

“From little seeds grow mighty trees.”


Are you a Dendrophile? Then your love of trees can be celebrated today! May 16th is officially the day to recognize and celebrate the importance and beauty of trees.  It is “Love a Tree Day.” So even if you are not a Dendrophile, get out and love a tree.

All trees are a vital part of nature removing carbon dioxide as it creates oxygen.  They help reduce erosion, and moderate the climate. Trees are multifunctional and necessary for life.  They not only provide shelter, shade, fuel and lumber, but are habitats for many species and plants.

Did you know there are approximately three trillion mature trees in the world and date back to over 370 million years old. There are between 60,000 – 100,000 different species of trees and the number of trees worldwide total 25% of all living species.

The worlds oldest tree started its life during the Ice Age about 9,550 years ago and still lives in Sweden.  By celebrating “Love a Tree Day” you could be responsible for starting the life of a tree that could live even longer.


How you can celebrate Love a Tree Day.


  • Plant a tree.

Planting a tree is a fun activity that can involve the entire family.  Visit your local nursery and invest in a sapling that will thrive in your area.  Not sure what kind of tree to get? You can always ask your nursery for some help in choosing the best tree for your area, or you can check out this website,, to get helpful advise as well.


  •  Take a nature walk or hike.

Walking is always a good activity whether it is for leisure or exercise.  It gets the muscles moving and stimulates blood flow in our bodies.  So, taking a walk or hike amongst the trees is a great way to celebrate today.  You know the saying “stop to smell the roses,” well on this day, stop to take in the sight and sounds of the trees. Take a rest under the canopy that they provide and just be at one with nature if even for a short time.


  • Go for a picnic.

Packing a light lunch or snack and enjoying it while sitting under a tree can be both refreshing and relaxing.  This will give you the opportunity to enjoy a meal in nature.  Try taking a friend or family with you for great conversation and memory making.


  • Get to know your trees.

Enrich your knowledge of your environment.  Find out about the trees in your local area.  Ask an arborist or find some research explaining the type of timber that grows in your neck of the woods.  Are they evergreen or deciduous? How old are they? What is the oldest tree in your area?  Getting to know your surroundings can help you have a better understanding and respect for where you live.


Remember to take advise from a tree.

Stand tall and proud. 
Go out on a limb. 
Remember your roots. 
Drink plenty of water. 
Bend before you break. 
Be content with your natural beauty
Enjoy the view.


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