Our apologies…

seems that a recent update with our hosting provider caused a major
issue with emails.  Specifically, rule reminders, updates and every
other healthy email were not being sent.  And then, to top it all off,
once we fixed the problem, the flood gates opened and the backlog of
messages were sent all at once.

For this, we apologize.

We also want you to know that Health Month has not been forgotten and
there are still plans in the works for a version 2.  We welcome input
(even a helping hand if anyone is interested), as Billy and I are busy

All the best,


Maintenance is underway!

We had tried to do some maintenance about two weeks ago but things didn’t go as planned and we had to cancel it at the last minute.

Today we ran into just the opposite issue.   All of the stars aligned at the last minute and we realized that this afternoon would be the best time to do the maintenance even though we had not planned on it.

Normally we would prefer to give more notice but a new security update for our operating stack is available.  Since we take security seriously we wanted to update to that as soon as possible and it made the most sense to do that at the same time as our maintenance.

So some of you may potentially notice a quick bit of downtime with HealthMonth.com but I do promise it will be back up and running quickly and we are working on it.

Stay Healthy!

Quick Maintenance – UPDATE

I know we took a rest only a few weeks ago but we need to take one more quick maintenance break.

HealthMonth will be offline for about 2 hours (give or take a few minutes) starting at approximately 2pm PST on Monday, December 23rd.

We have found that to be one of the best times of the week to update the site so that it conflicts with the usage of as few Health Monthers as possible.


This ended up being cancelled at the last minute.    It will be rescheduled for another day in the near future.

We need a rest, then back to work!

I know, it sounds crazy, but sometimes even technology gets tired every once in awhile.  We’ve been working hard to keep HealthMonth, well, healthy and as a result we will need to have a little bit of downtime (approximately 20-45mins) on Monday December 9 at 4pm PST.

We chose that time so that it hopefully doesn’t conflict with people checking in for the end of the day with their rules, etc.  We do appreciate that not everyone is in the same time zone and we simply needed to make a judgement call.  We hope you understand.

Summer Lovin’…HealthMonth style!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far.  Just a quick note to keep everyone up to date regarding some changes we’ve made and will soon be launching to the live site.  So check out the details below and let us know if we break anything in the process (we have lots of crazy glue if we need it)!


Derek & Billy

Facebook/Twitter Integration – we have enchanced the integration we use with Facebook/Twitter so that you can properly post things simultaneously on HealthMonth and the rest of the world.

Emails for inactive games – we had a number of complaints that people were getting “Time to check in” emails during a month when they didn’t have an active game going.  This should now be fixed.

Comment Posting – users were having troubles posting on comments on a post they had created unless they reloaded the page.  This has now been fixed.

User Subscriptions – a number of issues arose with the introduction of monthly subscriptions.  These have been fixed.

Summer Promo – if you haven’t already seen it, we’re running another promotion for the balance of the year.  Afterall, why would anyone just do 1 month, right?

Follow 150+ users – it wasn’t possible to do…until now.

Lots of excitment!!!

Hello fellow Health Month-ers,

It has been quite some time since the last blog post (we do apologize), but please don’t take this to mean that we haven’t be hard at work – we have been!  And we’re pleased to announce a new batch of changes coming your way.  See below for a list of updates that will hit the site within the next week.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at team@ and we’ll get back to you.


Derek & Billy

Change Rule Reminder Settings – applicable to paid accounts only

For already finalized games, you may now toggle or change the schedule for rule email reminders from “Notification Settings” under “Game in Progress” and “Play Next Month” in the footer.

Health Month Widget

Do you want to embed your live Health Month statistics into your blog or website! Well, now you can.  Get your widget embed code from your Health Month home page.

Email Nofications for Updates from Followed Users (Optional)

You can now receive email notifications for game wall notes from people you follow – even if you are not on the same team. Simply enable this setting under “Email Notifications” in your profile management page.

Improved Compatibility for IE browsers

If you are a frequent user of Internet Explorer, you have probably already noticed that this has already been improved. We appreciate your feedback regarding this, and do let us know if you encounter any more glitches.

Daily Updates

Daily emails are much smarter now and will no longer ask you to play for the day if you have already checked in.

Invitation Rewards

We are always grateful when you ask your friends to join our community. We now track metrics for determining which users are most active at doing so and will be using these metrics to implement a reward system that gets you really cool stuff.

Private Rules in Emails

Emails we send to you should now have proper descriptions of your private rules.

Email Bug – “Ongoing game…”

It appears that with our last update, we introduced a new bug to the system that many people seem to be affected by.  An email is being sent out with the subject “Ongoing game on Health Month” that is suppose to remind people who haven’t played their turns in awhile to come back and do so.  Unfortunately, it is sending them to everyone currently playing a game with us.

I just wanted to let everyone know that we are aware of the issue and are working on solving it for our next batch of updates (within a week).  I apologize for any inconvenience and thanks to everyone that made us aware of the problem.


Update Changelog – Monday Jan. 14

Sorry for the short notice (and delayed notice in a couple cases below), but we will be updating the site with a few items on Monday January 14th.  The primary reason for the upgrade is that a security hole has been found in the version of coding HealthMonth uses currently, and therefore, it needs to be patched.  So we’ll take care of that, along with adding the following changes:

– fix display of Team Points.  This issue has persisted far longer than we like, but believe it to finally be fixed.  Let us know if we’re wrong.

– email reminder for incomplete game setups.  Have you ever started to setup a new game and then forgot to move forward with it – we’ll help you remember now.

And unfortunately, I wrote a blog post about a couple changes done on the 1st, but just realized that it didn’t publish.  My apologies.  At any rate, those changes include:

– timestamp for wall comments.  Every comment now has a timestamp for when it was posted – not just the original comment.

– re-order user’s home page. The News / Updates section has been moved above the past games section on user’s home page to allow for easier viewing.

If you notice anything wrong with the above, please let us know.  Thanks again to all for your feedback – it is greatly appreciated.


Happy New Year Promo 2013

Tired of setting resolutions for the new year that you don’t stick to? Try something that works – HealthMonth.com.

To kick off 2013 with a bang, we’re offering a deal that is too good to pass up. For just $20.13, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a premium account to HealthMonth.com until the end of June. And, if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also throw in 2 sponsorship chips so that you can share HealthMonth.com with a friend.

To purchase the promotion, follow the link below.


So from all of us, to all of you…Happy New Year and happy Health Monthing!

Update Changelog – Friday Dec. 21

We will be launching some new updates tomorrow that we have been working on.  Most of these updates are bug fixes, but there are a couple of changes as well.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

  • Problem with top-nav displaying in Firefox on a Mac (bug fix)
  • Buying sponsorship chips doesn’t go to PayPal screen in Chrome (bug fix)
  • Improvements for team organizer sidebar (enhancement)
  • General updates to PayPal links (bug fix)
  • Unsubscribe confirmation screen added (enhancement)
  • Daily Reminder emails not being received (bug fix)
  • Animations for rule boxes not working properly on some versions of Firefox (bug fix)
  • Elements of Health not displaying properly (bug fix)
  • Team Point calculation (bug fix)