First testers!

Super excited to let in the first 50 or so people to the site.  Someone found a weird IE bug right away, and there were a couple other small things, but so far no huge problems have been found.  People seem to be adding rules and such. 

I do need to make it more obvious when you’re “done”.  As in, your rules are picked, you’re ready to play, and you just need to wait for the month to start. 

I’m ready to start receiving feedback, and then to keep working.  I still have 48 days left of my 90 day challenge.


Developers: OAuth support

For increased security and more resilient third-party apps, we’ve started early testing of OAuth support in the Tumblr API.

We’ve modeled our implementation after Twitter’s in many ways, supporting OAuth 1.0a with optional xAuth, upon request, where it makes sense such as mobile and native applications.

The existing authentication methods in the API are still supported for now, but we encourage developers to migrate to OAuth when possible.

To get started with Tumblr’s OAuth, integrate an OAuth consumer library into your project and get a consumer key by registering your app.

This is still in its early testing stages, so please report any issues. Thanks.

Got OAuth working with Twitter and Tumblr, no problem.  Very nice how Tumblr modeled their implementation after Twitter’s, since I did that one first, and barely had to change anything to get the Tumblr one working too.

A bit of an explanation

I’m at a transition point in the development of Health Month.  Basically, the core functionality of the game seems to have been figured out, and now it’s about simplifying it and refining it until it’s got that magical core of awesomeness.  So I took the day to write out what the game means to me, and also put up a sign up form for people to learn when the site launches.

Here it is!