Team Points Now Correct

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we’ve upload a fix for the bug regarding team points.  For the past couple of weeks, team points were not being calculated or displayed correctly – causing rankings to also be thrown a curveball.  This should now be fixed.

If you notice anything still wrong with them, please let us know.


HM Gift Certificates Available

Stuck for a Christmas gift, why not give them the gift of HealthMonth? Available in 3 and 12 month certificates, follow the steps below to acquire one:

1) Purchase the gift certificate amount you want via PayPal.

   – 3 months @ $15.00 – CLICK HERE

   – 12 months @ $50.00 – CLICK HERE

2) Once you have made a payment via PayPal, make note of your Transaction ID – you’ll need it for the next steps.

3) Download the appropriate Gift Certifcate Template.  3 months   12 months

4) Type or write the Transaction ID where it says GC ID in the PDF.

5) Print the PDF and stuff it in a stocking on Christmas, or Save the PDF and send it to your loved one.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Usernames now displayed by default

Due to popular demand for more privacy measures throughout the site, we have started making changes in that direction.  One of the consistent requests we got had to do with the display of usernames vs. real names – depending on what page people were viewing, they would see a username or the person’s real name.  The obvious argument became “why do I have a username, if you’re going to display my real name anyways?”

We agreed.

Therefore, by default, throughout the site, a person’s username is now displayed by default (keeping their real name private).  If you would like to show your real name instead, this is also doable by following these steps:

1) Login to your account.

2) Click “You” from the footer and then “Edit your Profile”.

3) Scroll down to the bottom.

4) Toggle the box that says “Use my real name throughout the site”

5) Click the “Save Changes” button

6) Your real name will now be displayed throughout the site instead of your username

Note: Regardless of what option you use, you will always use your username to login to the site.

As some people noticed these changes before this post was written, and were not terribly excited about it (having not known prior), we will be writing blog posts prior to uploading any new changes from hereon out (except for emergency bug fixes).

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Derek Thornton
HealthMonth Team

Hamsters at Work

We’ve been working hard the past month to bring a major update to the Health Month community.  And now, the wait is over.  If you have gone to and you are seeing this post, it means we’re doing some upgrades that require the site to be offline (sorry!).

So what’s the big deal?  The big deal is that by popular request, we’ve made major improvements to “team” features:

– users can now join multiple teams

– users don’t have to request to join a team each month (once you’re on a team, you’re there until an admin says different)

– team organizers are automatically added to a team (rather than having to join a team they create)

We have also made some changes to the backend in preparation for some additional features – more on that later though.

As always, let us know if there are any issues we should be aware of.  And please, keep the suggestions coming.

The HealthMonth Team

Rules Import Wizard

A big thanks to the Health Monthers who notified us of a bug in the system, where it would not let you import last months rules into next month.

Good news – the bug has been squashed and it is now fixed. As soon as we heard about the bug jumped to action and cracked the whip on our dev crew.

So once again you can import your rules as expected.   If anyone runs into any other problems or bugs with setting their new month just let us know and we’ll be more then happy to help out ASAP.

Take another lap, drink your water and have a Healthy Day!

Team Health Month

Per-Rule Email Reminders

Ever setup a rule for yourself and wished you could be reminded by more than just your daily nudge email?  Well now you can.

All right, no more infomercial talk.

But seriously, you now have the option of being reminded for each individual rule – on a schedule that you setup.  However, full disclosure on this one, you do have to be a paying member of the site.  This means that even if you setup 3 rules or less, if you want a separate reminder for any/all of those rules, you’ll have to find 5 bucks in the couch cushions and send it to us (jars of pennies not accepted).

If you have already started playing the game for the month, we’re sorry, but you won’t be able to enable this rule until your next game.  We tried to get it done before the end of September, but it just didn’t happen.

As always, feedback is important and helps make Health Month, um, healthier.  So have at it and let us know what you think.

New Month Reminder Emails

As you have probably noticed by now, your inbox was the lucky recipient of a freshly minted reminder email yesterday informing you that a new month is coming – and therefore, you should be thinking about a new set of rules.

Due to user feedback via the Idea Tracker, we’ll send this reminder email 7 days prior to the end of a given month.

Thanks for the feedback and continued support.  Much, much more to come!

Dress Well (Better than Usual) now a rule…

It’s true that clothes make the man (or woman) – both on the outside and inside.  People will notice an improvement in your wear and compliment accordingly.  The lasting effect of those comments will increase your mood and self esteem.

Fore these reasons, and more, we’ve added “Dress Well (Better than Usual)” as a new rule.  Give it a try for September, or if you’ve already started the month, try it in October.  You may surprise even yourself!

Team Health Month is here…

Teams are great.  They can support you when you need a pick me up, they can challenge you to go the extra step, they can make you feel like you belong to something bigger than yourself, etc.

That’s why we’ve created Team Health Month.  Looking for a team, join ours.  Want to compete against the owners (Billy and Derek), sounds good to us.  Want to appear like we hand picked YOU to work your goals along side us, we’d love to have you.

Request your invite here: